My imaging rig consists of various configurations:

    a) Reflector - 8-inch GSO Ritchey Chretien rig
    b) Reflector -  8-inch Schmidt Newtonian rig
    c) Refractor -  80mm Orion rig

Mounts:   EQ-6 Pro Equatorial Mount with Synscan Controller
                Barn door tracker (a home made job - cheap and effective).
                Meade LXD-75 mount  ( Sold ).

   8" f/4 Meade LXD-75 Schmidt-Newtonian reflector
   80mm f/7.5 Orion 80ED 80mm Orion apochromatic refractor
   80mm f/5 Orion 80ST 80mm Orion Short Tube guidescope refractor
   4.5" f/8 old Tasco Newtonian reflector  (dust collector).

   Canon Digital Rebel XT EOS 350D Digital Ha-modified DSLR Camera
   Canon Digital Rebel XT EOS 350D Digital unmodified DSLR Camera
   Mintron 62V1P-Ex     color security video camera
   Mintron 13V1C         black and white security video camera
   DMK21AU04.AS     planetary imaging monochrome camera
   Panasonic NV-DS50 camcorder (Mini-DV) firewire
   25 yr old Pentax K-Mount SLR 35mm film  camera

Camera Lenses:
   Canon EF 50mm f1.8 II  (the nifty fifty- a little plastic fantastic !!! )
   Canon EF 200mm f2.8L USM II (very good)
   Pentax K-Mount film 50 mm f/2 (not so good)
   Pentax K-Mount film 28-200 mm zoom f/3.8-f15
   RICOM Video CCTV lens f/1.4 (miniature very wide angle).

EQ-6 Pro - Synta Mount with 8-inch Schmidt Newtonian Reflector
Schmidt Newtonian Reflector Rig

Above: The 8" Schmidt Newtonian telescope rides on the EQ-6 equatorial mount. Imaging with the Canon 350D (unmodified) DSLR. Guided by the Orion Short Tube 80mm telescope and a Mintron 13V1C video camera.  This setup is how it was when I had to set up each night in the driveway of my house. 

Recently I have built an observatory (see here) to house the equipment permanently.

On-Scope Accesories:
   Orion Accufocus motorised focuser
   Telrad 1x finder  (you must get one, or buy a similar pointing device)
   Baader MPCC Coma Corrector;  (excellent coma corrector)
   William Optics x0.8 field flattner/reducer   (very good coma corrector).

Other Accessories include:
   Baader 2" UHC-S Filter (Light Pollution/Contrast)
   Astronomik 1.25" CLS filter (Light Pollution/Contrast)
   IDAS clip-in front filter for Canon EOS (Light Polution/Contrast)
   Lumicon Off-axis Guider
   2 Stiletto Deluxe focusers (400 lines) - (1 Pentax K-Mount & 1 C-Mount)
   Televue 4x Powermate (high quality corrected barlow)
   Orion Shorty Plus 2x Barlow
   Filters (polarizer, red, orange, blue, LRGB Astronomik, CLS Astronomik).
   Bahtinov Mask (made by OzStockMan - excellent)
   Hartmann / Off-axis Mask (home made)
   Chicken-Wire Diffraction Focuser (home made)
   Dew Shield (home made)
   Dew Zapper (electric warmer to keep dew off the corrector plate)
   Pentax K-mount to c-mount adapters (2" & 1.25")
   C-mount 2" and 1.25" adapters and focuser snouts
   An old 12" PAL Color TV
   Compaq Evo PC.

   Astrovideo, Registax, MaximDSLR, Cartes du Ciel, MS-FrontPage,
   Cannon Camera Window and Zoom Browser, MS-Image Composer

GSO RC8 Reflector Telescope 
Guang Sheng Optics (GSO) 8-inch Ritchey Chretien Reflector Rig


LXD-75  (SOLD)

Click here for Meade LXD-75 Mount and Schmidt Newtonian Telescope Scope Details

 Click here for Orion 80ED Refractor Info
Refractor Setup August 2008
Picture: LXD-75 carrying the refractor rig  (click here)


EQ 6 Pro Equatorial Mount - Refractor Rig
Pictured above: EQ6 mount with Orion ED80 and Orion ST80 refractors

Click Here for EQ-6 Mount Details

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