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Synta (Skywatcher) EQ-6 Pro Telescope Mount

This mount tracks very well.   I bought mine new from York Optical in Sydney via friendly, helpful staff for an excellent price before the GFC hit the exchange rate.

The EQ-6 is better than my previous mount which was a Meade LXD-75.  The EQ-6 is stronger and has smoother tracking.  It is quite a bit heavier and it costs more, but you get what you pay for.

The periodic error (PE) is much less than what I had on the LXD-75.  The PE is smoother (i.e. doesn't lurch suddenly but moves gradually) which is very important.  This makes it easier for your autoguider to guide out the error resulting in rounder stars. 

The mount deals with breezes much better.  With the EQ6 I am not as worried when a small breeze comes along.  With the LXD-75 (with 8" tube) a small breeze would affect the images slightly.

The EQ6 Pro is rock solid.  It has 2" tripod legs with a supporting steel cross-brace between them and a vertical tensioning bar.  The mount is made by Synta in Taiwan and variously rebadged around the world as Skywatcher, Orion, etc. 


Construction 2" sturdy steel tube legs, steel cross- brace and a vertical tension-bar.  Double thumb locks on sliding legs ensure no slip.
GoTo pointing precision 1 arc minute
Periodic Error (Uncorrected) Not measured yet ??   Google this.
Comfortable Payload: SN-8 (8" telescope), Orion 80ED guidescope, 400g Canon 350D camera, dew shield, dew heater, mirror fan, a Telrad and a 340g guide camera, cables.
Autoguider port: Yes.  ST-4 compatible.   Do not confuse the computer link port with the  autoguider port or damage may result.
Computer link port: Yes.  RS232 serial interface. Do not confuse the computer link port with the  ST-4 compatible autoguider port
Slew speeds 9 slew speeds.  x1=Guide; x9= 4.5degrees per/sec. 
Tracking speed Lunar, Sidereal & Custom
Power (mount powers the autostar via HBX port) : 12 Volts DC  2 AMPS
Operation: North & South Hemispheres
Polar Alignment Scope Illuminated Reticle

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EQ-6 Pro Mount
This sturdy mount rides a good sized payload with ease.  It has moderate periodic error, but importantly what periodic error it has is introduced smoothly without jerky movements.  It easily carries the weight of all 8" telescope imaging rigs - including a piggyback guidescope, counterweights and cameras.   A piggyback refractor rig like the one in the picture above is no problem at all.   Overall the mount is better than a Meade LXD-75 mount but not as good as a Losmandy mount - which is where it is positioned price-wise.  Overall it is good value for money.


Tripod Head 17.0 kg
Tripod (legs and cross-brace)   7.5 kg
Counterweights 2 x 5.1 kg 10.2 kg


34.7 kg       
Pentax Camera body 760 g
Mintron camera 340 g

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