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Mare Tranquillitatis

The Sea of Tranquility - sounds like a great place doesn't it.  This is the area where Apollo 11 landed.

This looks sensational either in the camera or through the telescope, but not as clear as this processed image.

In reality when viewed live through the telescope or on the TV everything looks like it is lying under a fast flowing stream of water because of atmospheric turbulence.   The craters all wiggle around a lot and constantly move in and out of focus as turbulent air flows across your field of view.

This processed image was created by using Registax software to stack 40 frames of video to average out the turbulence and then wavelets were applied to bring out the nice crisp details.

MoonTranquility09aNov05Apollo11.jpg (109878 bytes)


The context for the picture is represented by the bright circle below.  The red dot denotes the Apollo 11 landing site.

Target Area




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