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NGC-104 Globular Cluster
(47 Tucanae)

This is an image of the second brightest globular cluster in the sky.   NGC104, also known as 47 Tucanae, is a sensational object.  It is situated  near the Small Magellenic Cloud and is a truly stunning site when viewed in the sharp optics of the LXD-75.  This picture doesn't do any justice at all to the real thing and for that I apologise.    It's hard to capture correctly the grandeur of 400,000 suns.

The real object just seems to "hang" there in the eyepiece like a frizzy spray-painted snowball.  "Spray-painted art" was the impression I got when I first saw this object.  Absolutely beautiful. 

NGC104SN817x30secsMPCCUHCS11Oct06LogWeb800.jpg (153887 bytes)

Scale of the cluster edge to edge is nearly 30 arc-minutes (one-half of one degree - about the width of a full moon).


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