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Images captured May 2007

MareNubiumAndRupesRectaED80MintronBWx2Barlow6Points26May07MaskForum.jpg (96687 bytes)

SouthPoleED80MintronBW6Points26May07NormalSizeVer1Forum.jpg (96351 bytes)
CopernicusED80MintronBW6points26May07NormSizeForum.jpg (97968 bytes)

AppeninesED80MintronBW6points26May07NormSizeV2Forum.jpg (97551 bytes)

ProclusED80MintronBW7Points26May07NormalSizeVer1Forum.jpg (98827 bytes)

AppeninesAndMareImbriumED80MintronBW6points26May07NormSizeForum.jpg (96259 bytes)

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These images were captured with a Mintron 13V1C video camera at prime focus.

Scope was the 80mm Orion.    Focal length is 600 mm  ( focal ratio f/7.5).

Video was captured onto tape and then transferred to PC.  The video (.AVI) frames were stacked using Registax software to average out the effect of atmospheric turbulence and to sharpen up the edge detail.

To get a high magnification onto the video camera's chip (i.e. so the image covers as much of the CCD chip as possible [called image-scale]) a Powermate (x4) or Barlow (x2) was used to increase the focal length of the telescope,   




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