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Widefield Images

Widefield images are captured with camera lenses and not through telescopes.  Widefields take in huge chunks of the sky. My favorite widefield images are of the Milky Way. 

The image below was taken with a 50mm EF II f1.8 Lens (cost only $US 90) on an unmodified Canon 350D Digital SLR camera.  The camera was riding on a Meade LXD-75  mount set up in the driveway of my home.  The image consists of 18 x 4 minute exposures at ISO 800 with the lens stopped down to f6.3.   Astrophotographers stop down the lenses to yield nice round stars at the edges of the frame.  The field of view is about 25 degrees and the image below has been reduced in size to 800 pixels to fit on this page.  You can view the unreduced (full size) picture here (2MB).   

At the bottom of this page you can find links to my other favorite widefield images.

The Milky Way centred on M6 & M7


M8 & M20 Lagoon Region Milky Way  14Aug09
M24 Sagittarius Star Cloud - Widefield

MEGA POSTER (ULTRA-WIDE Scorpio to Carina -  2.8 MB)
Milky Way Centred on M17 (384KB)
Norma Star Cloud (500KB)
45 degrees Mosaic CLOSE UP Southern Cross (1.5MB)
45 degrees Mosaice Wide Shot Southern Cross (150KB)
Sagittarius Star Cloud 05Aug07 (1.4MB)
Scorpio's Sting 05Aug07 (1.0 MB)
The Pipe Dark Nebula 05Aug07 (1MB)

Milky Way around M6 05Aug07 (1MB)
Milky Way around M6 05Aug07 (0.5MB - Grayscale)
Milky Way around M6 05Aug07- SPACEWALK 05Aug07 (2 MB)
Ultra-wide Milky Way Mosaic between Southern Cross and Eta Carina

The Coal Sack 15Jul07 (1MB)
The Table of Scorpius 15Jul07 (1MB)
The Table of Scorpius Wider 15Jul07( 1MB)
Scorpion's Tail Poster 15Jul07 (1MB)
Scorpion's Tail - SpaceWalk 15Jul07 (2 MB)
Southern Cross & Pointers Poster 15Jul07(1 MB)
Pointers Closeup Poster 15Jul07 (1 MB)
Milky Way (Southern Cross & Eta Carina)
The Southern Cross
The Coal Sack
Comet McNaught
Milky Way Space Walk (M8 and Sagittarius) 1.5MB)


Barn Door:  Milky Way Core (Sagittarius) 17Jun06

Barn Door: Milky Way Over My House 17Jun06

Canon 350D: Milky Way Carina and Crux 25Dec05

Beginners Early Days: Carina and NGC 3532 Jewels 28Dec05

Beginners Early Days: Carina Region 28Dec05



Widefield astrophotographs are spectacular and are perhaps the easiest way to get images of the stars. It doesn't take a lot of equipment to get started.  Checkout the Astrophotography section for more information.


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